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Workshop on K-Net and community and economic development

May 2006 - Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KORI and K-Net) will be hosting a workshop on ways that K-Net can further contribute to community and economic development in First Nations in Northern Ontario, and how research can best contribute to this development. Leading the workshop in Sioux Lookout will be RICTA members Mike Gurstein, an international leader in Community Informatics (CI) and Adam Fiser, a U of Toronto PhD Candidate student.

Special Education and Literacy Online Workshops

January 2006 - Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KO) in Northern Ontario is continuing to innovate by using telecommunications for the development of remote First Nations communities in the North. In January and February, KO is hosting - using videoconference and webcast - a series of workshops for teachers on special education, literacy and child development. To participate, and for more information, click here.

RICTA Presented in India

December 2005 - RICTA member Mary Francoli of Carleton University presented a paper about RICTA to the 'OurMedia'conference in Bangalore. Participants at the conference included community media activists and academics from around the world. For information about the conference, click here.

Workshop on Digital Libraries Online

November 2005 - RICTA members Nadia Caidi of the University of Toronto and Brian Walmark of Keewaytinook Okimakanak have brought together a number of partners for a workshop on November 25 open to participation via webcast and chat. Participants at the workshop will discuss the best models for providing information resources and services to communities in the remote areas of Northern Ontario. Participants will interact through IP videoconferencing and via the Starbak streaming server.

Assessing the impact of broadband

October 2005 - RICTA member Ricardo Ramirez gave a colloquium at the National Research Council in Fredericton on "Broadband in rural and remote communities: Options for impact assessment." He discussed international research on this topic and his work evaluating the KO Telehealth project. To see the archived webcast of this event, and the abstract and presentation, click here and enter the password: broadband.

SSHRC Strategic Research Clusters Report available on-line

September 2005 - The Social Sciences and Humanitites Research Council (SSHRC) has posted a copy of its report on the Strategic Clusters Programme...Very Well Connected: Framework for Strategic Research Clusters: A Report on the Clusters Design Program was written by David Graham and Mathieu Ravignat... The programme was designed to assist SSHRC identify areas of research where Canada could assume a role as a world leader...

RICTA at CIRN 2005 in South Africa

August 2005 - A paper about RICTA and its founding meeting will be presented and discussed at the CIRN 2005 conference in Cape Town this month. CIRN (Community Informatics Research Network) is the leading international network of researchers working on community and ICT issues. The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners from around the world to discuss research related to ICT and indigenous communities, and other topics... To view the conference program, click here.

RICTA makes submission to the Telecommunications Policy Review

July 2005 - RICTA has made a submission to the federal government's Telecommunications Policy Review conducted by Industry Canada... RICTA's submission discusses the importance of conducting telecommunications policy research with Aboriginal communities and makes recommendations for implementation measures. A copy of the RICTA submission can be downloaded from our information page by clicking here.

RICTA at SSHRC Aboriginal Research Workshop

June 2005 - RICTA is participating in SSHRC's Aboriginal Research workshop on June 1 at the 2005 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. The workshop is led by Craig McNaughton, SSHRC Senior Program Officer, Aboriginal Research Initiatives. A copy of the 2-page RICTA information sheet distributed at the workshop can be downloaded from our information page by clicking here.