Workshop on K-Net and community and economic development

May 2006 - Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KORI and K-Net) will be hosting a workshop on ways that K-Net can further contribute to community and economic development in First Nations in Northern Ontario, and how research can best contribute to this development. Leading the workshop in Sioux Lookout will be RICTA members Mike Gurstein, an international leader in Community Informatics (CI) and Adam Fiser, a U of Toronto PhD Candidate student. Workshop participants from across Canada will contribute to the exchange of views via audio and video conference. RICTA is partnering with KO to support the event, to be held on Friday, May 16. For more information, contact Adam Fiser (, 416-978-4715) or Brian Beaton (, 877-737-KNET, ext 1251).